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Why do we need Deep Ecology?

Why do we need Deep Ecology?
Jack Speer - Thu Mar 01, 2018 @ 11:29AM
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We are trained to live in the environment that supports the ideals that our society upholds. Before the industrial revolution, and in indigenous societies that depended on the surrounding environment for most of its needs, hunter gatherers depended on keen observations and knowledge of nature. In our world, the pendulum has swung the other way. We can shop for food manufactured by large operations, and purchase items made from unknown sources and conditions. With technology, much of our reality is transformed into digital media creating a world that is manufactured in our minds. Employees usually stick their paychecks in pocket and purse, closing hearts, minds and spirits to the true costs of their labors. We usually observe the natural world from a detached view that doesn’t allow us to feel, appreciate, understand or bond with the other lifeforms we share the planet with. If we were allowed to have strong feelings, then nature would not be treated as a commodity but as a beloved community. What are the possibilities in such a relationship? In deep ecology, we can explore possibilities and begin a transformative process within ourselves. We’ll once again see beauty, relationship, and life that has value, not only in relation to us, but simply because it exists. 

--Jack Speer

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