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IMMERSIONS- Hands-on learning about local ecosystems, ecological restoration, and Permaculture solutions to sustainability issues. A deep plunge that engages the mind, body, heart and spirit. 

PRESENTATIONS- We are available to come to your school or community group to lead interactive workshops and presentations. Here are a few examples of the presentations we have done:

  • Designing a Sustainable Revolution: an Introduction to Permaculture
  • Bring Your Yard to Life: Landscaping with Native Plants
  • Protecting our Pollinators
  • Raising Chickens in Your Backyard
  • Creating a Sense of Place
  • Walking the Universe Story 
  • Watermonsters and Thunderbirds: Stalking the Mythological Wildlife of Our Region
  • Winter Oak Identification
  • Plants of Woodlands and Forest Ecosystems
  • Gardens that Heal the Earth and the People
  • Rise Up Rooted: A Journey With Trees
  • The Great Turning: Reconnecting Our Mind, Heart and Spirit with a Living Universe
  • The Intersection of Ecological Restoration and Permaculture
  • Natural building with Cob and Earthen Plaster
  • The Story of an Oak Savanna

INTERNSHIPS– College and university students and graduates can learn a variety of topics and skills through internships lasting between a few days to a few weeks. Organic food growing and preservation, natural building, wildlife monitoring, permaculture garden designing and planting are just a few examples.  

GARDENS--We can assist your school, religious or community organization with designing and planting a garden for 

  • butterfly, bird and pollinator habitat 
  • sustainable food production
  • wise water management 
  • education
  • spiritual/emotional nourishment
  • all of the above

SERVICE LEARNING-- Students, scouts, and families can learn about ecosystems, problem-solving, teamwork, and making a difference through volunteering with oak savanna restoration at a McHenry County Conservation District site.  

Serving the Chicago Wilderness Area of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Reconnecting People and Nature

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