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Butterfly Gardens

Create a Butterfly Garden with Native Plants

Wherever we live, in a city, suburb, town or the countryside, we can help support the web of life by planting native plants.  A butterfly garden is designed to provide year-round beauty as well as provide food and shelter for native butterflies in all stages of their lives.  Butterfly gardens make great outdoor classrooms for schools, oases of inspiration for churches, and low-maintenance landscapes for community spaces. 

Small Waters Education is dedicated to bring people and nature closer together through the planting of butterfly gardens.  We have a helpful brochure to get you started on creating your own butterfly garden with native plants.  Click here for a pdf version of the brochure.

You can also contact us for ideas and assistance in making a butterfly garden part of your school or community group!

Students at Johnsburg School planting a pollinator garden. Small Waters Education worked with Friends of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge to design and create this garden.

Serving the Chicago Wilderness Area of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Reconnecting People and Nature

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